Back To The Movies: In Search of Summerland


I learn a lot from movies from how they talk to what to say if i ever found myself in such a situation. yeah right :) Anyways moving on swiftly, I absolutely adore my local cinema, commodore cinema in ryde , one of my fav places to be after a weeks worth of work . So in I go to watch summer land. I thought it was a romantic movie about a woman who fell in love with a man she didn't want to fall in love with . I should have just watched the trailer. About a few mins into it my hopes were dashed, as I realised that this was a movie about a woman refusing to accomodate a boy relocated from London to minimize his exposure to the war. 

But not for long, as I carried on watching I found myself feeling all warm and gooey about the movie. It touched my heart in the way that it showed how it is possible that in losing your love or in letting go of your love sometimes it can come back to you full circle . Never settle for less than you dream in any relationship. 

'...there is a tea towel somewhere as tears flows down her cheeks; use pocket tissue like a normal person'. paraphrased 

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Tom Courtenay , two of my fav actors star in this sentimental and emotional movie essentially about the journey of love and family which looks different for everyone. 

My take home message is to never be afraid to let go in the hope that God can and is willing to work it all out for your good. 

Take a moment to reflect on what you can take out of this movie. Share with me when you get a moment. Life Out Loud. XoXo