Core Concepts/Skills

1. Patient/Person centred healthcare

Treat your patients as people. There is a person behind every prescription. Call them by their preferred name. Empower them to self care and make informed choices.

2. Medicine Optimisation

Improves patient outcome, adherence and reduce wastage and most importantly polypharmacy.

We as pharmacist must first understand the patient experience/belief; give advise on meds based on best evidence, ensure meds are used safely and repeat the process.

3. Professionalism & Professional Judgement

As pharmacist professional , we follow a code of conduct set by our professional body  such as putting patient at the centre of care, being altruistic etc . 

We make decisions, by first identifying the issue, gathering the information from reliable sources , identify the options available, identify pro and cons of each option , picking an option . Then Record . Record. Record.