1. Patients Condition: First Line for Benign Prostate hyperplasia, together with life style changes  and as an add on for resistant hypertension. Male only.

2. Mechanism: Alpha1 adrenoceptor selective blocker. Lowers blood pressure , less resistance for urine output.

For the Geeks:alpha1 receptors are usually found in smooth muscle cells.  In the bladder , prostate and blood vessels for instance, if they get activated the bladder or prostate contract which means no urine flow. if these receptors get blocked, the bladder /prostate will relax , which means a stress free urine flow.

3.  Key Side effects: Postural hypotension - get dizzy on standing so advice patients to stand up slowly and to try to take it initially at night to reduce this impact.

5. Interactions: Other low bp meds  can be good if the therapeutic aim is to lower blood pressure. Be extra careful if patient suffers from low blood pressure. Always check with patient if they attend regular check ups. if not offer a blood pressure service. If blood pressure is too low, advise GP or patient to stop one or two bp meds temporarily.