1. Treat: Bacterial conjuctivitis + otitis externae

2. M.O.A : Broad spectrum. Bacteriostatic (low doses) 

Geeks: Blocks the ribosomes, so no proteins are made and bacetria cant survive.

3. Side-effects

Topically: sting/burn/itch

Systemically: anaemia/bone marrow suppression/grey baby syndrome


History of bone marrow issues | Pregnant | Breastfeeding| Under  2 yrs 

5. Forms: Eye drop (0.5%) /ointment (1%) | Ear drop 5-10%

6. Dose

one drop every 2hrs for first two days, then every four hours for last three days.

If infection is less severe , GP might say one drop 3-4 times a day

Ointments, longer lasting so just three to four times a day.

Drops can used in day whilst ointment at night.

7. Storage: drops (kept in fridge)

8. Key Advice

Following application to eyes ensure vision is clear before doing any tasks

Avoid contact lenses 

Wash hands before use 

Escalate to GP if after 2 days symptoms get worse.